Post-Covid Data and Analysis

data-Fab’s COVID Recovery Data Package

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this country is in the middle of an economic reset.

COVID recovery money is starting to flow to local governments–and just in time. It is critical for local, regional and state decision-makers to have timely data to shape policy, spend recovery dollars, and set economic development priorities for a post-COVID economy. Getting it right is crucial and decisions on how recovery money is used will make or break the futures of towns, cities, and communities nationwide.

data-Fab can help.

Through our proprietary algorithms, we provide high-quality, reasonably priced data on local and regional economies for every county in the U.S. Our products represent significant improvements over current alternatives in coverage, data quality, cross-pollination, geographic specificity, timeliness, speed, value, and project support. [Learn more about our data on the data-Fab tab.] Our data run through the end of 2020 – just released – and we are actively working with clients across the country to evaluate the impacts of COVID on their local economies.

In order to help you and your community make the best data-driven decisions for a strong COVID recovery, we have created our COVID Recovery Data Package. The COVID Recovery Data Package gives you nearly real-time data and deep support, empowering you to set strategic priorities and easily communicate your vision to your colleagues and community.

Our COVID Recovery Data Package includes:

  • Deep dives into industry and cluster growth; workforce characteristics and trends; economic impact of and recovery from COVID for a user-selected primary geography (e.g., county), secondary geography (e.g., micro/metropolitan area, state), and the US;
  • An Excel workbook with the full data sets;
  • A 60-slide summary presentation with insights for a broad range of internal and external audiences;
  • Five-day turnaround on orders;
  • Access to live, bi-monthly tutorials and Q&A sessions with data experts and economic development practitioners from data-Fab, Mass Economics, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

To learn more about the COVID Recovery Data Package or to purchase, please email [email protected] or call 510-542-0108.

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