Introduction to data-Fab (dF)

  • data-Fab was created by practitioners to provide high-quality, reasonably-priced data on local and regional economies with the intent of reducing the cost of data and analytics, freeing resources for more strategy development within projects; and closing the information gap between small and large organizations and between communities and policy makers and investors.
  • data-Fab’s products represent significant improvements over current alternatives in: coverage, data quality, cross-pollination, geographic specificity, timeliness, speed, value, and project support.

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data-Fab generates point estimates for every industry in every U.S. county, providing the data necessary for high-quality analytics on conditions and trends

Data Quality

By using all available local, state, and national data to estimate every data point, data-Fab produces data that are unmatched in quality; streamlined back-end processing allows for centralized quality control and assurance; the data-Fab team monitors and analyzes new data releases from sources, automatically sharing updated data in the event of data corrections

Note: Includes all industries (2D-6D) where the state value is given; data is for the state of California and is from 2016


By creating functional bridges between information sources, data-Fab generates new data on local and regional economies

Geographic Specificity

data-Fab can provide extensive, high-quality information for sub-regional geographies (counties, cities and towns, neighborhoods, districts, corridors)


data-Fab utilizes data sources that are available sooner, allowing for more timely applications; data-Fab provides granular employment data for three units of times – annually, quarterly, and monthly – to illustrate current highly-localized and current trends

Note: Quarterly data are considered preliminary until their final release with the annual data; BLS estimates that typically only 0.05% of entries are revised with new quarterly releases; nearly all (95%) of subsequently-released preliminary county totals for 1Q2020 are within 1% of their initial release


Data sets that used to take weeks or months to be created can be delivered within hours


By using estimation algorithms and highly efficient data transfer protocols, all-in costs of producing data have been substantially reduced, efficiencies that are reflected in data-Fab pricing

Standard pricing reflects a 48-hour turnaround for data; Rush option incurs surcharge pricing as shown below. Powerpoint presentations of data orders are also available.

Project Support

data-Fab’s online tool can price any set of options, allowing users to calculate all-in data and analytics costs for internal budgeting and proposal development; data-Fab staff are available to discuss project data strategies

Link to data-Fab website to purchase data: data-Fab

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