Atlanta BeltLine Integrated Action Plan for Economic Development, Housing, and Real Estate

The Mass Economics team created the economic development strategy for the Atlanta BeltLine strategic plan. The strategy aims to create 30,000 new jobs in the planning area along the Atlanta BeltLine – Atlanta’s new bike/walk trail – by 2030. Included in the strategy are identification of potential cluster opportunities, assessment of workforce assets, identification of potential public and philanthropic funding sources, and identification of appropriate partners.

To achieve the 30,000 jobs goal, Mass Economics proposed that city stakeholders shift from a zero-sum, real estate-based strategy to a coordinated stakeholder strategy that creates and leverages distinct economic places within the city. This new, collaborative strategy prioritizes growth clusters that are tied to existing city or regional cluster initiatives as well as new focuses that align with Atlanta BeltLine assets and capabilities. To support this strategy, Mass Economics recommended that the Atlanta BeltLine provide a diverse offering of urban real estate products that met the needs of existing cluster priorities as well as lead additional, complementary cluster strategies in White and Blue Collar B2B, Manufacturing, and Health Services. These recommended clusters represent currently underserved areas that support equitable and inclusive growth.

In addition, Mass Economics created strategies for the Atlanta BeltLine to attract new firms and jobs, and to prepare the BeltLine’s residents and disadvantaged firms for employment opportunities. Recommendations to attract and retain firms included providing diverse real estate models, rationalizing the use of land, and serving as a resource for firms. Mass Economics also designed neighborhood-specific interventions, including community health hubs, innovation districts, and retail attraction strategies.


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