Chicago Greater Chatham Initiative

Mass Economics worked with RW Ventures to perform economic analyses for the Greater Chatham Initiative in Chicago Illinois. The resulting “Comprehensive Plan for Economic Growth and Neighborhood Vitality” offers a strategy to revitalize the Chatham, Auburn Gresham, Avalon Park and Greater Grand Crossing neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side.

To develop the Comprehensive Plan, Mass Economics analyzed regional and local industry cluster strengths; spatialized demographic, socioeconomic, and workforce trends over five decades; mapped land use and cadastral data and infrastructure assets; identified opportunities for human capital development and deployment; and assessed innovation and entrepreneurship assets and needs. With the results of this analysis, Mass Economics worked with RW Ventures and community stakeholders and leaders to create a market assessment and preliminary strategies for the Greater Chatham Initiative.

The Greater Chatham Initiative was formally launched in 2016 to implement the Comprehensive Plan. More information about the organization and its priority initiatives can be found on its website:


Greater Chatham Initiative,





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