City of Brockton Prospectus

In this project for the City of Brockton, MA, Mass Economics performed extensive economic and real estate analytics in order to create a market strategy and comprehensive investor prospectus for development sites within the City’s four Opportunity Zones, with a particular focus on TOD opportunities near its downtown commuter rail stop. The pitch deck and prospectus provided an overview of Brockton’s favorable development conditions and strong regional connectivity, detailed its various assets – from anchors to fiber internet to financial incentives, and profiled seven identified priority development sites. The prioritization of the seven sites – out of 27 potential sites – was informed by cadastral data and analytics – including public ownership, real estate market data and trends, and roundtables with the client and real estate experts. Built on a foundation of economic data and interviews, and supported with dozens of national precedent project case studies, Mass Economics identified five key cluster strategies for the City to support economic growth in their opportunity zones and citywide. The prospectus can be viewed on the City of Brockton’s website at the following link:


City of Brockton,





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Urban Land,