Cleveland Opportunity Corridor Economic Growth Strategy

The Cleveland Opportunity Corridor is a $330 million investment to develop over 300 acres of underutilized land and connect Cleveland’s downtown and University Circle. The nonprofit Fund for Our Economic Future hired a consulting team to develop an economic growth strategy for the Opportunity Corridor to ensure that the development created equitable, inclusive growth opportunities in the neighborhoods affected by the project. Mass Economics collaborated with RW Ventures, Bishop Land Design, LCR Enterprises, and Allegro Realty Advisors to create the Opportunity Corridor Strategy.

Mass Economics’ work focused on identifying high-growth as well as inclusive cluster opportunities and matching these priority clusters to identified land use and human capital needs. Mass Economics then worked with the larger team to identify the intersection of regional growth opportunities, neighborhood strengths, and corridor and site characteristics that would support inclusive, place-based development opportunities.


The Fund for Our Economic Future,





Project Type:

Inclusion + Opportunity, Urban Land,