Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Impact Report

Mass Economics collaborated with TEConomy Partners to create a report analyzing the impact of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) on the Massachusetts life sciences ecosystem. The project team evaluated the success of MLSC programs and the overall impact of the initiative since its inception.

The project was split into three phases. Phase 1 examined the performance and competitiveness of the Massachusetts life sciences cluster (and sub-clusters) in comparison to other states. Various aspects of the life sciences cluster were considered, including research, risk capital, intellectual property, and jobs, talent and wages. As part of this work, the (changing) spatial concentrations of life sciences jobs within Massachusetts were identified and mapped at the zip code level (e.g. the Route 128 and I-495 corridors.) Phase 2 evaluated specific MLSC programs by tracking funded activities, activity progress/leverage, and development and job outcomes at the anchors and companies MLSC supported. Phase 3 examined the overall impact of MLSC on the Massachusetts life sciences cluster using a “but-for” analysis. Massachusetts life sciences employment and wage growth was compared to peer states and the trajectory of the cluster based on the 2003-2009 period to estimate actual vs expected growth for the 2009-2016 period. This information was then compiled into a final report in order to share our findings and provide recommendations for the MLSC. The final report can be found online at this link:


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