Twin Aire Incubator/Accelerator Feasibility Study

In this project for the Southeast Neighborhood Development, Inc (SEND), Mass Economics worked with project partners Smith Solutions and Projects-Matter to identify target industry clusters for SEND’s planned incubator/accelerator in the new Community Justice Campus in SE Indianapolis. Mass Economics first performed demographic, socioeconomic, workforce, and commuter flow analytics and mapping for the study area neighborhood, Marion County, and the broader MSA. Next, staff profiled long-term industry cluster economic weaknesses, strengths, and trends and assessed the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local and regional economy. Finally, Mass Economics performed a cluster analysis to that assessed pre-COVID strength, long-term growth, growth during COVID, job quality, job accessibility, and diversity/inclusion in order to identify eight industry cluster opportunities for the incubator/accelerator.


Southeast Neighborhood Development,





Project Type:

data-Fab, Inclusion + Opportunity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship,